[1.5 à 2.6]FRONTIER 1337 - v0.1c

La FRONTIÈRE 1337 est une adaptation pour PSP de la version d'Atari du jeu « FRONTIÈRE - élite II ».

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Analog-stick - Move the cursor through the screen.
[] - Used like the left mouse clic to select things with the cursor.
X - Used like the right mouse clic.
Hold X + Analog-stick - Roll the vessel.
Hold X + [] - Fire laser beam.
Hold X + D-pad UP - Zoom-in with the camera in external view.
Hold X + D-pad DOWN - Zoom-out with the camera in external view.
D-pad - Rotate the camera in external view, and make ravel the galactic chart or the stockmarket list.
^ - Rear propulsion to increase speed.
O - Front propulsion to decrease speed.
L and R triggers - Choose the functions that where directly available on PC with F1 to F10 keys.
L + R - Validate the choosen function.
Start - Go to the option screen.
Select - "p" key for now. Danzeff OSK will be implemented here in the future.


 FW 1.5 : Mettre le contenu du dossier "1.5" dans "X:/PSP/GAME"
FW 1.0 : Mettre le contenu du dossier "1.0" dans "X/PSP/GAME"
FW 2.0+ : Utiliser Eloader (Rappel : Il néssecite GTA pour être lancé)


 Cliquez ICI pour télécharger

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