l'utilitaire indispensable qui permet de jouer au jeu codé en LUA passe en version 0.20!! on dit merci qui? merciMoonlight, Shine et Oobles!

Nouvautés & Corrections :

- Updated for gcc 4.1 and Lua 5.1. Some things you need to change for 5.1:
- Changed table iteration code:
- It's pure Lua 5.1: no binary operators and double as number type (e.g. now you can use one number for storing IP addresses)
- Sound.load doesn't crash anymore on invalid filenames
- Fixed problems with daylight saving time
- Font:getTextSize fixed.
- blit operation from screen to image works now
- TTF font plotting to images now sets the alpha value to opaque
- New function Image.loadFromMemory for loading images from memory
- PNG and JPEG is supported and autodetected
- Image-to-image blitting now uses alpha full blending [Callum Bethune]
- System.rename(oldName, newName) for renaming files and directories

 Rappel :

  • Lua player permet de lancer des homebrews codés en LUA.

  • Mettre vos Homebrews Lua dans "X:/PSP/GAME/Luaplayer/Application/" pour qu'ils fonctionnent.


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