NARG V0.01

La team trage-soft nous présente un RPG homebrew.

Citation :
What type of game is it? :

It is an RPG. It is single player, however we might look into using ad-hoc for something down the road. The game will not be a tradional linear RPG, but an open path game, kinda like Oblivion, only with 2D graphics, and a budget of $20 (est). The game will have a central plot, but will focus on the ability to do it mostly at your own pace, and have many side-quests and full-game quests (eg rare item collections and sequential side-quests).

World Map:
D-Pad.....Scroll Map
START.....Open Menu
HOME......Same as always

D-Pad.....Rotate options in current menu (if any)
START.....Return to map
CIRCLE....Cancel / Back
CROSS.....OK / Select
HOME......Same as always



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