Links-2.1 pre-22 r1195

Raf actualise son excellent navigateur internet et avec bon nombres de nouveautés.

Citation :

-StandAlone: New connection selection: "None" allows the user to continue initialization without having to connect.
-Plugin: Changed the plugin priority to 45, this should prevent skipping while listening to pspradio.
-Updated to links-2.1pre22:
Details of links-2.1pre22 (from Changelog):
-sponsored by Alex Poylisher <sher@komkon.org>
Use 8-bit gamma correction on machines with slow FPU (or with FPU
emulation) --- this significantly reduces startup time
-Optional scrollbars in frames
-Implemented porn mode (bare image autoscaling aka fullscreen).
-Fixed ignorance of aspect ratio for images where only one dimension
is specified.
-Fixed crash when deleting item at the top of the window in bookmarks
or associations or extensions
-Ignore space at the end of url
-Fixed memory leak on image with no src attribute and usemap attribute
-Support 4th and 6th mouse button on svgalib
-Now when adding a bookmark, bookmarks are saved automatically.
-Cosmetic changes when taking screenshots, and reconnecting. (Wait for the user, redrawing).



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