NGEPSP Alpha 2

Deuxième version encore en Alpha d'un émulateur NEOGEO cartouche.

C'est un projet très intéréssant, même si l'émulateur ne supporte pas les ROMs de moins de 16MB, et tourne encore assez lentement.

changement de cette version :
(traduction à venir )

Citation :
New features/fixes in Alpha 2 include (rough Babelfish translation):
- BIOS tries to start selection from the file browser. During file browser executing when the button is pushed, the menu opens.
- Only at the time of the first starting did it try to indicate the help file of the browser (for the above-mentioned modification).
- Automatic frame skip is the initial setting.
- Case it fails in starting, it tried not to retain SRAM and the memory card.
- In order to be able to start several games which it cannot start, the intention of correcting. The game where memory is not enough does not operate as usual. Referring to details list.txt.
- If user interface is simplified, because memory is less crowded somewhat, perhaps, the game which can be started more or less it increases, but only this game it operates basically.
(rough Babelfish translation):


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