[1.5] iR shell 1.6

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Nouvautés incluts dans la version 1.6 :

1. Support UMD Disc Browsing (disc0:)
2. Support USB Host File System browsing (usbhost0:). You can remotely browse your PC file systems on your PSP via USB connection.
3. Support Infrastructure WiFi Host File System browsing (nethost0:). You can remotely browse your PC file systems on your PSP via Infrastructure WiFi.
4. Support usbhost0: and nethost0: to ms0: redirection. This allows you to map usbhost0: or nethost0: as ms0:. After you've enabled mapping, all access to ms0: will be redirected to usbhost0: or nethost0:. Your regular homebrews will be able to access your host file systems without any changes. See the Host File System section for more details.
5. Allow Calling of XMB from iR Shell. All regular XMB functions are available, plus you can take snapshots of XMB or UMD Video. You can switch between XMB & iR Shell via the standard hotkey Left Trigger + Select. To exit XMB, press HOME. Due to memory limitation, iR Shell mp3 player won't be available after launching XMB. However, you can use XMB mp3 playback if you like.
6. Alarm Clock Support. See Alarm clock section for details.
7. Low Battery Warning. See Low Battery Warning section for details.
8. Support multiple file extension for each plugin. iR Configurator allows you to associate 1 or more file types to each plugin.
9. Help text box has been replaced with bitmap help images. The included one is in English. You can visit my website to download other language help image files when available.
10. Various new options under iR Configurator.
11. This version of iR Shell has the following plugins bundled. To use those plugins, you can simply select files with filename suffix matching those defined for the plugin. For example, press 'X' on a file named 'readme.txt' under DIR View will automatically launch the bookr plugin to view the 'readme.txt' file.
- PMP: PMP Movie via PMP Mod 2.01 plugin (Use 'X' to pause/resume, TRIANGLE to exit)
- AT3: Atrac3 plugin via Atrac3 Plus Player
- PMF: PMF Movie via PMF plugin (Use 'X' to pause/resume, TRIANGLE to exit)
- ZIP: ZIP Unarchiver via AnonymousTipster's ZIP Plugin
- RAR: RAR Unarchiver via AnonymousTipster's RAR Plugin
- TXT: Text file via bookr plugin
- PDF: PDF file via bookr plugin

Commandes :

Installation :

Dezipez le fichier "pspirshell16.zip" puis copiez les dossiers "IRSHELL" et "PSP" à la racine de votre memory stick.


PSP iR shell 1.6


pour toi c'est quoi le fichier racine de la carte?

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ben g essaye et ca marche pas ????? queske je doit donc til faire lapin compris pourtant g tous fait comme c dis


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